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Paint Your Lunch (2018/11/20 05:00)


A Peek Ahead Dept. (2009/05/14 03:11)
I've got a few review-related projects worth mentioning.First, on the Edogawa Rampo front, is a review of both the book and movie of Moju: The Blind Beast, one of Rampo's most widely-adapted and -referenced works. The movie was released on...

Exhale Dept. (2009/04/02 05:49)
Deep breath out … The last few months have been horribly busy -- work, writing, some new projects started and old ones finished -- and one of the consequences of that has been a little less activity here. But some...

Vampire Hunter D Novel Volume 9: The Rose Princess (2009/03/04 12:24)
Shame on me. Somehow, I managed to read and enjoy The Rose Princess without managing to write a review of it. Blame it on the end-of-the-year rush, an influx of other things all competing for my attention, or a proliferation...


The Long And The Short Of It Dept. (2008/09/28 08:59)
I'm back from NYAF. It was magnificent. A big part of that was due to Hideyuki Kikuchi and Yoshitaka Amano being there -- both of whom I was able to greet, although not sit down in detail with. There's a...

Recently, On Amazon Pt. 1 (2008/08/21 12:09)
An Actor's Revenge (titled here Revenge of a Kabuki Actor) is finally getting a U.S. release thanks to the good folks at AnimEigo. They've done really splendid gap-filling work when it comes to domestic editions of classic samurai titles,...


Angel's Egg (Tenshi no Tamago) (2004/07/07 03:01)
Talking about a movie like Angel’s Egg is bound to be frustrating, because my first impulse is just to recommend it unhesitatingly to anyone with the slightest interest in animation as art. Like Koyaanisqatsi or 2001, it doesn’t lend itself...

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