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Epic Fail Dept. (2014/01/20 10:00)
Epics are about depth, not length.


Throne Out The Baby With The Bathwater Dept. (2013/07/07 10:00)
My failure to connect with "Game of Thrones."


The Roof Tile of Tempyō (Yasushi Inoue) (2010/12/23 01:55)
The label historical novelist usually brings to mind someone like Robert Graves, whose I, Claudius has become something of a staple reference point for such work. It’s no coincidence Graves is namechecked in the introduction to The Roof Tile of...

Loaned Out Dept. (2010/12/05 09:19)
As part of my general budget-cutting measures, I've taken a good hard look at my book-buying habits -- especially from online venues -- and decided I needed to make more use of my local library system. I was pretty surprised...

The Blue Wolf: A Novel of the Life of Chinggis Khan (Yasushi Inoue) (2010/04/16 12:08)
Here is a novel about the life and times of Chinggis (Genghis) Khan, which is as interested in the weather of his spirit as it is in the geography of the lands he conquered. It is a fascinating hybrid of...


New York, New York Dept. (2008/12/10 12:20)
Since when have I ever passed up an excuse to go into the city? Not in this lifetime, and probably not in the next one either. The excuse this time was a work meeting with some folks from Microsoft, but...


Tun-Huang (Yasushi Inoue) (2007/04/04 12:41)
How is it that a gigantic hoard of Buddhist literature came to be concealed in the Thousand Buddha Caves near Tun-Huang, in the northwest of China, and remained undiscovered for almost a thousand years? The explanation provided by Tun-Huang is...


The Samurai Banner of Furin Kazan (Yasushi Inoue) (2006/09/09 04:07)
I can think of two things that most immediately piqued my interest in Japan: their movies and their popular fiction. My first “Akira” was Kurosawa, not the Akira of Neo-Tokyo, so when I finally did come to anime and manga—the...

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