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A Guru Is Born (Takeshi Kitano) (2012/07/07 10:00)
"Beat" Takeshi Kitano's novel about religion and hypocrisy is a quiet little masterwork that invites multiple readings and interpretations.


Kantoku Banzai (Glory to the Filmmaker) (2010/06/28 10:41)
Takeshi Kitano’s Takeshis’ was Kitano On Kitano, an attempt to turn a mirror on himself, and it works. Kantoku Banzai is Kitano On Kitano Yet Again, where he not only deconstructs his own career as a director but Japanese cinema...

Christmas Comes But Once A Year Dept. (2010/06/15 04:27)
I mentioned earlier that Criterion has a BD of Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence in the works. Here's the skinny from The Digital Bits: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence will include a new and restored high-definition master, The Oshima Gang (an original...


Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (2009/09/12 07:42)
Is it possible to be endeared by a movie because it is flawed and frustrating? I’ve grappled with that question before, and now with Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence I’m forced to deal with it all over again. Here is...


Boy (Takeshi Kitano) (2007/09/09 01:11)
Terms like genius and renaissance man get thrown around so casually these days, it’s a bit of a shock to run into the real thing. I’m hard-pressed to think of a better example offhand than Takeshi Kitano, the Japanese multi-hyphenate—writer,...


Izo (2005/10/10 11:31)
Takashi Miike’s Izo is in some ways the movie he has been trying to make his whole career—one which sums up his ambitions, exceeds all his earlier works, and may end up alienating everyone involved. Izo springs from the...


Battle Royale (2004/04/04 01:50)
When a number of Hollywood studios tried to license Battle Royale for distribution in the States, they were all rejected. Maybe it was for their own good: This is easily the most violent and disturbing “mainstream” movie made in any...

Zatōichi (2004/03/03 12:25)
Takeshi Kitano’s Zatōichi is not only one of the best movies Kitano has made so far, it’s a distillation of everything he’s ever put into his movies. In his time Kitano has moved through grim, nihilistic police-and-yakuza dramas (Violent Cop,...


Kikujiro (2001/12/02 12:39)
There's little chance of Takeshi Kitano ever making a truly bad movie, but Kikujiro shows he is capable of making a confused one. After Violent Cop, Sonatine, Fireworks and many other superior Kitano movies, Kikujiro comes off as aimless....

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