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From Inside Out, Pt. 3,276 (2020/01/22 08:00)
Spiritual advice don't mean a thing if it don't come from within.


No Hands On The Wheel (2019/07/05 08:00)
The problem of power, and why discarding power isn't a solution to it.

Why Nelson The Miscreant Was Right (2019/06/30 05:00)
"...the wretched of the earth might not be wholly responsible for their wretchedness."

Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death (2019/05/10 08:00)
"...what we call Man’s power over Nature turns out to be a power exercised by some men over other men with Nature as its instrument."

Out Of Touch (2019/03/12 08:00)
The number of things we need to have an opinion about right this second is not as large as it might seem.

Freedom Yeah Right (2019/03/04 08:00)
"... from where I sit, freedom isn't choice. Freedom is agency. Indeed, choice - by limiting agency - is often the opposite of freedom."

Nowhere To Go Drinking (2019/01/04 08:00)
People need a place to go that's just a place to gather.


What We Put Into Our Heads (2018/11/11 05:00)
Most of us simply don't care what we stuff in there. It's a moral failing.

Kid Stuff (2018/10/11 08:00)
On how we've outgrown outgrowing things.

On The Other Hand, Insects Are A Pretty Efficient Lot (2018/10/03 05:00)
"Specialization is for insects", revisited.

No Humans Allowed (2018/07/21 08:00)
Once again: Whatever it is we're designing our world for, it isn't the human being.

Faceless (2018/04/14 05:00)
With Facebook out of my life, it's all the easier to spot unproductive discourse of all kinds, because of what else it reminds me of.

Erasure (2018/04/06 05:00)
Outside of the social media bubble, the void.

Getting Better All The Time (2018/03/06 08:00)
Why Steven Pinker's encomium to an improving world falls so flat.

Paranoia The Destroyer (2018/03/04 08:00)
On how the conspiracy theory mindset stems from emotional torment.

Typing With Both Fists (2018/02/27 05:00)
On blogging while angry.

Doomed To Repeat It (2018/02/17 08:00)
In re Parkland.


Don't Techno For An Answer (2017/12/07 08:00)
"The computer has almost since its beginning been a solution looking for a problem."

If You Really Cared About This ... (2017/10/16 08:00)
Why the morality-play view of personal responsibility is bogus.

Do You Mind? Dept. (2017/04/19 08:00)
On the idea that we can use technology to amplify human intelligence.

Change Their Minds Dept. (2017/02/18 08:00)
Let's waste less time trying to argue people out of something they were never argued into to begin with.


Better People For Better Worlds Dept. (2016/08/06 06:00)
Most people do not want to use their minds, but don't hold that against them. Rise to it instead.

Push My Envelope Dept. (2016/05/24 06:00)
"Transgressive" isn't what it used to be. Maybe it never was.

I Dunno LOL Dept. (2016/04/19 10:00)
On the freedom to say "I don't know" and not be punished for it.


From The Top Down Dept. (2015/12/30 05:00)
"I did it, why can't you?" dissected.

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