Archive of all blog posts tagged 'review' for 2014

Elysium (2014/07/14 10:00)
An attempt at politically tinged SF, but only an attempt: such are the risks of not thinking through fully the implications of your premise.

Execution Ground (Painkiller) (2014/05/26 10:00)
When John Zorn and Bill Laswell joined forces, the results were nothing short of seismic.

Liberation and Ecstasy (Vasilisk) (2014/03/08 10:00)
Japan's underground tribal unit didn't record much, but the best of its moments are here in one convenient place.

Oldboy (2013) (2014/03/05 10:00)
The worst thing about Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' is that it could well have been made by most anyone.

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