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As The Nines Roll Over (2018/12/31 07:00)
One last bit before next year, about the significance of the choices I've made for the coming twelvemonth.


Back In Circulation (2018/09/22 08:00)
Heard you missed us?

And Bear In Mind (2018/08/14 07:00)
I'm on vacation this week and not posting much, but here's some Links Of Note that crossed my desk.

Press Pause (2018/05/07 05:00)
The next week and change I won't be around much.

I Owe You Some News (2018/05/02 08:00)
A short briefing on happenings at Chez Genji as of May 2018.

Breakin' (2018/02/05 05:00)
These past couple of days have been a cavalcade of non-stop technical and mechanical failure.

Excuse My Silence (2018/01/01 03:00)
But I think you'll find it was entirely justified.


Radio Silence, 2017 Edition (2017/12/15 01:25)
Be back soon, but don't know when.

Thank You (2017/11/23 07:00)
Reasons to be grateful.

Where's The Rest Of Me? (2017/10/01 08:00)
Me, minus a little of my mouth.

Another Slow Moment (2017/09/30 10:00)
Me and my achey breaky mouth.

Creaking Gears (2017/09/29 07:00)
Slowly getting back up to speed with life.

A Brief Respite (2017/09/19 06:00)
The pause that refreshes.

Regular Service And All That (2017/09/12 09:42)
Post-Irma, picking up the pieces.

A Quick One While He's Away (2017/09/11 11:33)
My post-Irma cleanup.

Stormy Weather (2017/09/10 12:00)
On Irma and I.

A New Coat Of Paint (2017/07/26 08:00)
A brief pause as we clean house.

Unclog The Backlog Dept. (2017/06/19 07:00)
News on current and future books of mine.

Gather Those Rosebuds Dept. (2017/04/23 08:00)
Tim Hall, one of the good guys, is leaving us.

As Of Late Dept. (2017/03/16 08:00)
Peek at my latest novel, and find out what's happening with my next one.

Pain Management Dept. (2017/02/28 09:32)
Pardon my silence (and agony).

Public Service Announcement Dept. (2017/02/01 05:00)
I hope people will not assume my silence over the last few days indicates any kind of assent to the situation unfolding around us. I've been busy with some mundane things -- my day job has put that many more...


2016 And All That Dept. (2016/12/31 03:00)
One last wrapup.

A quick note. (2016/11/10 03:40)
I have said very little about the election here, but not because I don't care about it.

2016-11-09 (2016/11/09 03:30)
I just want people to know blogging will resume in short order, and so will my writing work. It's been a busy couple of days, as you can imagine....

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