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Smother Me In Fun (2019/10/02 08:00)
So much media, so little time. Again.

Feeding Your Head (Pt. Three Thousand & Six) (2019/09/29 01:00)
I'd rather have people sincerely interested in things, whatever cultural level they live at, than be wannabe tastemakers forever jonesing to expand their reach.

Back To Zero, Again And Again (2019/08/30 01:00)

Bibliophile's Lament (2019/07/16 05:00)
The joys and tribulations of the Open Library.

The Case For Preferring Older Books (2019/04/04 05:00)
You miss out on less than you think.

The Pile That Never Shrinks (2019/02/04 05:00)
How the Open Library is keeping me from drowning in books.

The Reading Prescription (2019/02/01 05:00)
On recommending books as a way for authors to get perspective on a current or future work of their own.


Unknown Treasures (2018/08/03 08:00)
One of the things I always hated about myself was how I was, in theory, supposed to be this gigantic SF nerd, and as it turns out I really wasn't.

Don't Write What You Know, Write How You Know It (2018/06/12 05:00)
Looking at two bits of reading and writing advice from Saul Bellow.

That Pile On The Nightstand (2018/06/11 05:00)
The overwhelming majority of what I'm genuinely curious about reading has been nonfiction. I hate that.

Bailout Protocol (2018/01/08 08:00)
When is it OK to quit reading a "boring" book?

It's A Living (2018/01/06 05:00)
If written fiction's becoming nothing but a prelude to adaptation, what's that mean for written fiction itself?


Endtable Pile, Continued (2017/11/12 08:00)
More notes on getting caught up with the state of SF&F.

The Endtable Pile (2017/11/11 10:00)
Some of my SF reading list for 2018.

Kicking A Habit (2017/10/31 08:00)
A mission for the coming seasons: Read more current SF.

57,000 Channels And Still Nothing On (2017/07/27 07:00)
On the "drawbacks to the all-access, all-free world".

Get Back To Work! Dept. (2017/04/08 05:00)
Writers have a hard time reading industriously without feeling like they're goofing off.


Slow Down, You Move Too Fast Dept. (2015/02/15 05:30)
Speed kills culture, not just individuals.


A Classic Dilemma Dept. (2014/11/09 10:00)
Young-adult fiction and the classics, once again.

No Such Thing As Bad Publicity Either, Right? Dept. (2014/10/25 10:00)
Why "any reading is good reading" is not a great defense of reading.

Self-Improvement Dept. (2014/08/13 10:00)
"As long as people are reading something..."

Reading Is Fun(damental) Dept. (2014/03/15 10:00)
Hit the books! Harder! Harder, I say!

A Washing Machine In The Sky Dept. (2014/01/29 10:00)
Why literary fiction often chooses to be fantastic in such a straight-laced way.


In Competition Dept. (2013/10/16 10:00)
With all the things that make demands on what little spare time we have, is it a surprise that sitting still and looking at words on a page gets pushed down and down?

The Perfect Gateway Drug Dept. (2013/07/02 02:00)
More on the mistaken idea that a given work of SF/fantasy can "convert" the non-fandom masses.

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