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Beat Zen, Square Zen, And Fad Zen (2019/09/05 05:00)
If someone is now interested in something that once only had faddish appeal, their interest has a far greater chance of being genuine.

We'll Always Have The Avengers (2019/09/05 08:00)
Ubiquitous cultural things don't thrill me, because they're in no danger of vanishing.

The Performance Index (2019/01/11 08:00)
On gauging artistic quality by way of popularity, always a bad move.


Same Old, Same Old (2018/10/18 05:00)
Our Gray Goo Media problem.

Solipsystem (2018/06/25 05:00)
On contempt for popular culture as an easy way out.


Drowning In The Popcult Goldmine Dept. (2017/05/24 08:00)
How to survive the modern digital cultural flood: have no sense of history.


But That's Still Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man Dept. (2016/04/11 09:00)
I think, therefore I differ.


Tout Comprendre C'est Tout Pardonner And All That Dept. (2014/08/14 10:00)
To understand doesn't mean we have to forgive. See: comic book movies, et al.

The Good Old Dark Ages Dept (2014/06/11 01:00)
You can only play the "honesty" card for sex and violence so many times.


Throne Out The Baby With The Bathwater Dept. (2013/07/07 10:00)
My failure to connect with "Game of Thrones."


Wrestling Match Dept. (2012/06/18 11:00)
The classics aren't things to put on pillars. But neither is popular culture.

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