Archive of all blog posts tagged 'philosophy' for 2018

Do(ing) The Right Thing (2018/11/02 08:00)
"moral action is also, inevitably, practical action, and immoral action is inevitably impractical..."

Nowhere Are We Commanded To Be Doormats (2018/09/07 08:00)
Kevin Drum dropped an aphorism worth repeating: "When you write, pretend you’re writing for people you respect."

Too Smart For Your Own Good (2018/09/03 08:00)
"Beginner's mind" is not something we can impose on others.

The Uncertainty Principle (2018/07/16 08:00)
What did Bertrand Russell mean when he said, "Do not feel absolutely certain of anything"?

Obzacktivism (2018/05/29 06:00)
"The other, of course, involves orcs."

Moral Men And Immoral Societies (2018/05/17 08:00)
"The very ordinariness of human life seemed a kind of original sin, the sin of not being extraordinary enough to recognize and resist evil."

From The Shoulders Of Giants, The View Is Lovely Indeed (2018/03/23 05:00)
"The negation of a [scientific] theory is not a new theory."

The Reason They Export Molson Is Because Canadians Are Too Smart To Drink That Bilge (2018/03/21 08:00)
I was going to say something about Jordan Peterson, but this article beat me to it.

The Royal We And The Singular I (2018/02/26 08:00)
On what we do with the discovery that we're not things, but processes.

Things I Have Learned, 2018 Edition (2018/01/17 05:00)
Words from the wise.

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