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No, No, NaNo (2018 Edition) (2018/11/20 08:00)
There was, as you can guess, no NaNoWriMo challenge for me this year. But it wasn't always like that.


No, No, NaNo Dept. (2016/11/10 05:00)
No new novel this November. I'm already booked.


NaNoMore Dept. (2013/11/30 10:00)
Why I may not participate in another NaNoWriMo from now on.


NopeNoWriMo Dept. (2012/10/18 10:00)
Sorry, no-Vember sprint for me. (And some notes on those who flip up their noses at the NNWM sprinters.)


Not This Time Dept. (2011/10/28 07:17)
Am I doing NaNoWriMo this year? Sadly, no. Well, sort of. I hinted before that I'd started a new long-form writing project. Those rumors are indeed entirely substantiated: something new is on the burner. This is not the unshelving of...


Loaned Out Dept. (2010/12/05 09:19)
As part of my general budget-cutting measures, I've taken a good hard look at my book-buying habits -- especially from online venues -- and decided I needed to make more use of my local library system. I was pretty surprised...


What Next Dept. (2009/04/28 01:06)
And so now the list of NaNo '09 candidates is at four.4DW II: RPG Boogaloo (not the actual title)Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (yes, the actual title; the name itself is indeed homage to Agoraphobic Nosebleed, who I cannot deny...


Owning Up Dept. (2008/11/20 11:25)
The last couple of night's catch-up for NaNo / Tokyo Inferno came out a little better than I thought -- I'm still behind, but not as grotesquely as I was before. One of the beauties of last night's run was getting...

The Starting Gun! (2008/11/02 01:38)
On the first day of NaNoWriMo 2008, I racked up a nice, solid 2,143 words for Tokyo Inferno. My initial hesitancies about how difficult it was going to be and whether or not I would get mired down in topical...

NaNoDept. (2008/10/04 11:30)
I completely forgot to ask: Who else is doing NaNoWriMo this year? Since it's not possible to change your username there I set myself up with a whole new account -- so if you have an old account, you will...

The NaNo Bookshelf (2008/10/02 01:00)
Because so much of what I'm doing with Tokyo Inferno requires research and documentation, I've been building a bookshelf of titles to keep close at hand while writing the book. Many of the things listed here I've mentioned before, or...

Categorically Speaking Dept. (2008/09/14 01:20)
I've created a separate writing category for Tokyo Inferno, this year's NaNoWriMo project, and appropriately updated the pinned messages in each section. What I may do this year is file excerpts from the ongoing NaNo on a daily basis --...

Backup Dept. (2008/09/13 11:22)
You probably noticed I posted a bunch of new stuff in the Movies department -- it's actually backlog that I had piling up and wanted to get published before it got too stale. Much of the tinkering that has been...

It's My Nightmare Dept. (2008/09/05 06:38)
I spent most of the last two days highballing NyQuil and wishing I didn't feel like red-hot pokers were being shoved into my eyesockets. That's right -- Con Crud (or Con Staph, ha ha), which is rather surprising since I...

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