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For The Girls (And The Boys, Too) Dept. (2012/11/16 12:45)
Let's see some live-action anime projects in the West that are shojo stories.


Sakuran (2010/09/28 10:34)
I know I’m not alone in saying Memoirs of a Geisha annoyed the living daylights out of me. It was humorless, overwritten, fly-blown Hollywood schmaltz—half tinselly soap opera and half bogus exoticism, right down to the oh-so-sad shakuhachi flutes on...


Battlefield Baseball (2005/09/04 03:09)
Battlefield Baseball comes from the same people who gave us Versus, and it has the same wacky ramshackle feel to it, but its main flaw is that it isn’t a better movie for the material. The premise: A gang of...

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