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Human Wave: To Sum Up (2012/04/21 05:05)
What SF&F and literary fiction have to teach each other -- and what to do about them talking past each other, or learning the wrong lessons. A first attempt at stating the problem.

Human Wave 9: To Let Your Work Speak For Itself (2012/04/18 10:00)
"Your work should speak for itself."

Human Wave 8: To Not Be Boring (2012/04/16 02:00)
"You will not be boring. Or at least you’ll do your best not to be boring." What, then, does it mean to be boring?

Human Wave 7: To Be Internally Consistent (2012/04/09 01:30)
"Be consistent with your own aims." If your world falls apart, it had better be for a good reason.

Human Wave 6: To Be Read (2012/04/06 10:00)
"Write to be read." So what makes some writers willfully defy such a convention?

Human Wave 5: Cheat And Run (2012/04/04 02:40)
"Don't leave the reader feeling cheated," and how it's possible to do that as both an SF&F writer and a "straight" fiction writer.

Human Wave 4: No Grey Goo (2012/03/31 10:00)
"No grey goo" -- don't strand us in a landscape of emptiness and nothingness unless you have a really, really good reason for it. Here are what some of those reasons might be.

Human Wave 3: To Not Write Agitprop (2012/03/28 10:00)
"Don't write agitprop" - but first, know what it is and what stands in contrast to it.

Human Wave 2: To Not Inspire Loathing (2012/03/26 10:00)
On Human Wave SF's 2nd conceit: "Do not inspire loathing." But how can we point the way to the future without being a Pollyanna?

Human Wave 1: To Entertain (2012/03/24 10:00)
On Human Wave SF's first conceit: "Be entertaining!" Pitfall or paradigm?

The Human Wave (2012/03/22 12:00)
For a while I've been struggling with a sort-of manifesto that I was going to use as a banner for Genji Press (and especially Fight of the Vajra). Then Sarah Hoyt came along and beat me to it, at least...

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