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All Of My Heroes Have Been Dead Men Dept. (2014/11/07 10:00)
There's no hero worth having that's not also worth growing past.


Uncharted Territory Dept. (2009/05/24 10:40)
Sorting through the welter of ideas in my head is a little like playing billiards with balls made out of Silly Putty. Sometimes you sink 'em, sometimes they bounce off each other forever, and sometimes they get stuck.Consider the hero...

Chip's Challenge Dept. (2009/04/21 02:41)
Nice piece in the Philly Inquirer about Samuel R. Delaney:To sci-fi and beyond | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/05/2009Dhalgren marks a transition between Delany's earlier and later works, which deal more directly and aggressively with social power. Myths, Delany believes, are...

Booked Up Dept. (2009/03/11 01:29)
I sat down with Tanizaki’s Diary of a Mad Old Man the other day—one of the first books I’d read when I had started making my foray into things Japanese. It struck me both then and now as something which...


Hero's Winding Path Dept. (2008/01/22 01:39)
In the commentary track for Kinji Fukasaku's film Under the Flag of the Rising Sun (a really outstanding piece of work that I will cover here shortly), there is some discussion of the covenant or pact that exists between rural...

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