Archive of all blog posts tagged 'Genji Press' for 2017

Feed Me, See More (2017/08/09 05:00)
Our site's feeds got munged. Look within for answers.

'Welcome To The Fold' Is Now Available! (2017/07/31 08:00)
My latest novel is now out! Get a promo copy while supplies last!

Lifting The Curtain Dept. (2017/07/12 07:00)
I dropped a hint earlier that I was going to be unveiling a revamped version of the Genji Press site. Some more notes on that, then.

Do-It-Yourselfer Helper Dept. (2017/07/05 08:00)
On preparing 'Welcome To The Fold' for (self)-publication.

Unclog The Backlog Dept. (2017/06/19 07:00)
News on current and future books of mine.

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