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Imperfect Dept. (2012/06/04 10:00)
The myth of perfection, as misleading as ever.


Enter the Void (2011/02/06 12:42)
Gaspar (Irreversible) Noé’s death-trip film is a visually stupendous execution of, well, not much at all. American-born Tokyo slacker Oscar smokes DMT and hallucinates while his sister bumps and grinds for salarymen in a stripclub. When Oscar’s drug-dealing buddy sells...


Irreversible (2003/08/08 11:08)
No mistake about it: Irreversible contains two of the most ghastly, stomach-souring moments I have ever seen in a serious theatrical film. The first is near the beginning (beginning?) where a clubgoer has his face smashed in with a fire...

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