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A Few Next Steps Into 2020 (2019/12/21 05:00)
What's on deck for me for the end of this year and the beginning of the next.


2019 And All That (2018/12/20 05:00)
The Genji Press Agenda for the coming year.

It Helps To Stay On Track (2018/06/29 06:00)
I made a pledge to myself to keep you in the loop. So, here's the loop.


Version 2014 Dept. (2014/01/01 10:00)
Where I stand and where I'm headed in the newly-minted year.


This, That, The Other Dept. (2013/12/14 10:00)
A new site opens up under my provenance; video games make a comeback in my life; and I ponder the future of my publishing system.

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