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'I Burned It All' (2018/03/14 08:00)
Take your story. Rip it up and start again. What's left?


The Benefits Of A Cracking Good Yarn (2017/08/03 07:00)
What storytelling can do that a straight rundown of facts can't.

Cheap Shots Dept. (2017/04/10 08:00)
On politics in literature, again.

Book Nook Dept. (2017/03/19 10:00)
Ten things from my shelf I'd take into isolation, 2017 edition.


Tell It Again Sam Dept. (2014/09/15 10:00)
How I write, and how I rewrite.


A Defect Of Character Dept. (2013/05/14 10:00)
SF&F's problems with character development are cyclical; we teach ourselves bad habits.

Kill Your Idols Some More Dept. (2013/03/07 10:00)
The artist isn't a guru, a god, or sometimes even a good guy.

Great Minds Think Unalike Dept. (2013/01/12 02:30)
Why are people valued more for their "consistency" than for their ability to learn and adapt?


Open Mouth Already A Mistake Dept. (2012/05/10 10:00)
Just enough is more, especially when showing as opposed to telling.

Dream Big Or Die Dept. (2012/05/07 10:00)
Why philosophical fiction doesn't have to be boring -- and why SF&F provides an ideal field for such work.

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