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Hugo, Hugoing, Hugoforit (2019/04/02 06:00)
AO3's Hugo: a sign of progress.


Fan Faction Dept. (2013/05/23 01:00)
Amazon helps fanfic goes "legit" -- or is it about fanfic?


Project X Dept. (2010/05/27 10:57)
The whole recent foofaraw about fanfiction (which apparently erupts with tiresome regularity every time a Big-Name Author opens his mouth about it and says something mildly non-fan-friendly) got me thinking about a project I had considered briefly a while back:...

The Dreamers Of Dreams Dept. (2010/05/09 10:31)
Funny how things can explode in parallel in several different parts of your life at once. This past week there was a veritable eruption (no, not of Eyjafjallajökull) over fanfiction, on multiple people's blogs. This time 'round it was personal,...

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