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Feed Me, See More (2017/08/09 05:00)
Our site's feeds got munged. Look within for answers.

A New Coat Of Paint (2017/07/26 08:00)
A brief pause as we clean house.


And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Interruptions Dept. (2014/05/25 10:00)
Oh yeah, here I am again. What I've been up to.

Ketchup, February 2014 Vintage Dept (2014/02/27 05:30)
What's kept me busy.

Greatly Exaggerated Rumors Dept. (2014/02/19 01:00)
Of my death, that is.

Get Me Outta Here Dept. (2014/01/23 07:15)
I'm moving. Expect radio silence.


Good Timing, Bad Timing Dept. (2013/09/03 10:00)
"Flight of the Vajra" is almost out. Almost.

Radio Silence Dept. (2013/08/13 03:25)
I disappear.

Know Future Dept. (2013/03/23 10:00)
Future projects I see when I look at my creative to-do list.

Missing And Presumed Found Dept. (2013/03/06 11:59)
Where'd the site archives go? Oh, they were right here all along.

Disqussion Dept. (2013/01/11 12:18)
Disqus 1, Movable Type 0.

Oops Upside The Head Dept. (2013/01/09 05:31)
Comment subscriptions should be working again.


All Beings Shall Make Merry... (2012/12/25 08:39)
... Under Pain Of Death

Radio Silence Dept. (2012/12/19 05:27)
See you next year.

Flight of the Flight Dept. (2012/12/05 06:28)
Website Sokoban time.

Ungrinding the Gears Dept. (2012/12/02 01:40)
Facebook users, I'm not snubbing you. Honest.

Radio Silence Dept. (2012/10/27 06:59)
With a hurricane barrelling up the coast, there's a good chance I could be offline for days on end. Between then and now, I have the first draft of a book to finish (I hope). See you on the other...

Roughing It Dept. (2012/09/26 01:10)
We just upgraded to the new version of Movable Type, so things might be a little bumpy for a bit. Comments in particular are acting a tot strange. Bear with us. Update 9/27/2012 10:35: Looks like the comments problems are...

Operation Lunchmeat Dept. (2012/09/11 10:58)
Spam. Burp.

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