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Something To Push Against (2019/04/06 10:00)
On constraints as creative impetuses, and the fallacies that arise therein.


No, No, NaNo (2018 Edition) (2018/11/20 08:00)
There was, as you can guess, no NaNoWriMo challenge for me this year. But it wasn't always like that.


Methods For The Radness (2017/10/22 08:00)
"Whatever works" is not the same as "anything goes", and other insights.

The Ticking Clock (2017/08/03 08:00)
Some thoughts on deadlines and how they affect productivity.

Me First (2017/08/01 07:00)
I like to write about other peoples' work, but I write my own work first.

Get Back To Work! Dept. (2017/04/08 05:00)
Writers have a hard time reading industriously without feeling like they're goofing off.


Motive Power Dept. (2016/11/12 08:00)
You can't rely on motivation; rely on discipline instead.

Hooked On Phonics Dept. (2016/02/13 06:00)
Never fill your day with anything you can't see yourself doing the minute you get out of bed.

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