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When Weighing In Got Outweighed (2020/02/04 05:00)
Why I no longer write reviews of stuff for my own site.


I Owe An Excuse (2019/09/11 08:00)
What's the difference between an appreciation of something and making excuses for it?

Short Of My Own Mark (2019/09/06 05:00)
A good critic of other work makes me look at my own and feel like I've missed even the standards I wanted to set for myself.

The Case For Preferring Older Books (2019/04/04 05:00)
You miss out on less than you think.

Words From The Wise (2019/01/30 05:00)
Very few people are qualified to give useful story advice because they think the main function of a story is to entertain them.

The Performance Index (2019/01/11 08:00)
On gauging artistic quality by way of popularity, always a bad move.


Beat It To Fit, Paint It To Match (2018/12/07 05:00)
"Workshop" is the wrong word for the place where we come to mutually improve our writing.

But Who Am I To Be Critical? (2018/02/01 08:00)
When you look at something, you have to be willing to not pretend that it needs to be great in order to justify anything.

Ruined Forever (2018/01/19 05:00)
No critic can ever "ruin" a work you like, unless you don't know what their job really is.

It's A Living (2018/01/06 05:00)
If written fiction's becoming nothing but a prelude to adaptation, what's that mean for written fiction itself?


Grindhouse Vs. Arthouse Vs. My House (2017/10/03 07:00)
On schlock being useful without the love of it becoming its own snobbism.

How To Take Advice Disguised As Criticism (& v.v.) (2017/09/03 08:00)
Or, how to keep pedantic jackasses from getting the better of you.

Crazy Doesn't Help (2017/09/03 08:00)
On the use of "crazy" as an intensifier.

Me First (2017/08/01 07:00)
I like to write about other peoples' work, but I write my own work first.

Not The Bookish Type Dept. (2017/07/06 07:00)
I went looking for books in my personal library that are about the craft of writing. I could barely find any.


Cynthia's Blues Dept. (2016/07/21 08:00)
Can in time a comic book stand in the same realm as anything Henry James produced? I'm sure it's possible; I'd argue it's already happened.

10,000 Hours And Then Some Dept. (2016/04/24 10:00)
Why everything that's truly creative is what we're trained to ignore.

But That's Still Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man Dept. (2016/04/11 09:00)
I think, therefore I differ.

None-Hit Wonders Dept. (2016/03/15 07:00)
If I'm in the habit of listening outside my well-worn grooves, nothing is disappointing or distasteful.

Listen Without Prejudice Dept. (2016/01/23 11:00)
How to hear them out when they say you're wrong.

Plugging One's Ears Dept. (2016/01/19 10:00)
On ignoring bad advice, part two.


Hunting High And Low Dept. (2015/09/26 01:00)
Different art, different critical standards? Maybe not.

Big Ticket Dept. (2015/07/10 11:00)
On taking superhero movies seriously (because billion-dollar box office isn't serious enough, I guess).

No Hex Please, We're Critics Dept. (2015/05/23 10:00)
On the glories of griping.

Texas Sharpshooting Dept. (2015/02/11 04:00)
Maybe audiences, authors, and critics should be cultivated together, not separately.

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