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Killing In The Name Of Me Dept. (2015/06/12 10:00)
Anders Breivik’s Inexplicable Crime - The New Yorker I do not believe that Breivik himself has anything to teach us. I believe that his life is a coincidence of unfortunate circumstances, and what he did was such an anomaly that...


Moju: The Blind Beast (Edogawa Rampo) (2010/12/24 03:59)
I could provide any number of examples of Japanese popular literature whose only real exposure to English-speaking audiences came through adaptations into film. Many of Edogawa Rampo’s mystery / crime / thriller / horror stories fit that category nicely, Blind...

The Edogawa Rampo Reader (Edogawa Rampo) (2010/12/24 09:25)
My theory goes something like this. The more popular an author is in a given country, the greater the odds they will be that much more difficult to bring to audiences in other languages—because their popularity in their original locale...

Trust But Verify Dept. (2010/02/26 11:33)
Jim Hines has linked to a rather grim story about a woman who was sexually assaulted by someone she met at a convention. The response she gave (and the support she's received) are heartening, and I'm hoping she'll be able...


Shocking Crimes of Postwar Japan (Mark Schreiber) (2009/01/23 12:02)
Get past the lurid title, and Shocking Crimes of Postwar Japan offers a fair amount beyond the cheap frisson promised there. Part true-crime anthology and part social history, it uses the crimes in question as jumping-off points for insights into...

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