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No Masters Here (2017/09/16 05:00)
There is no such thing as "mastery" of one's art, just improvement in whatever form is possible.

The Deep End Of The Pool (2017/09/09 08:00)
How to work with all those ideas swimming around in your head.

Try A Little Emptiness (2017/09/06 07:00)

Fridge Logic (2017/08/29 07:00)
Don't turn a project wiki into a fridge full of leftovers.

It's Always Better When It Doesn't Exist (2017/08/20 01:00)
Why you can't perfect something that was never created to begin with.

Find Your Voice To Lose Your Voice (2017/08/17 07:00)
"You’re going to find your voice.... The problem is getting rid of it."

Me First (2017/08/01 07:00)
I like to write about other peoples' work, but I write my own work first.

I'm Just Here For The Beer Dept. (2017/07/02 08:00)
On when not everyone who shows up for your work is showing up for your work.

Pretty Things Dept. (2017/07/01 08:00)
Go make something beautiful and humane. Everything else is just commentary.

Original Formula Dept. (2017/06/26 08:00)
It's important to deliver original things in the way that matter; it's not important to be original everywhere and always.

Shall We Put A Label On That? Dept. (2017/06/25 08:00)
Given my interest in Zen, am I writing "Buddhist fiction"? I'm dubious.

Let's Do It Again Dept. (2017/06/17 08:00)
Rewrite, revise, revisit, rethink.

Rocks In Your Head (And Out Of Them) Dept. (2017/06/08 05:00)
What to do when a story component is just an albatross. Or a boulder.

It Takes A Worried Man Dept. (2017/06/03 08:00)
On taming my inner fussbudget.

Fail Better Dept. (2017/05/25 08:00)
The trick to learning from failure is to not make it into a morality play.

Empathy Machine II Dept. (2017/05/21 08:00)
More on the idea that entertainments can be engines of empathy.

The Sweet And Sour Crew Dept. (2017/04/29 05:00)
On creating an internally complementary cast of characters.

Favored Creation Status Dept. (2017/04/22 08:00)
" ... his goal was making someone’s favorite movie of the year." Whoever that someone might be.

Do You Mind? Dept. (2017/04/19 08:00)
On the idea that we can use technology to amplify human intelligence.

Unblock Me Please Dept. (2017/04/16 08:00)
The real story about writers' block, or lack of same.

Some Of The Above Dept. (2017/04/12 08:00)
Do I call myself a Buddhist? I'm not sure I ought to.

Say Yes To Me Dept. (2017/04/07 08:00)
On the urge to find validation for one's work.

Bad Guys Never Lose Dept. (2017/04/04 08:00)
Don't think good and evil; think why and how.

Henry Sez Dept. (2017/04/02 08:00)
Creative advice from a former Black Flagger.

Stop Waiting For The Good Times Dept. (2017/03/26 08:00)
You'll never get anything done that way. Take it from an expert.

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