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You Figure It Out (2019/04/06 08:00)
"Fish s**t or coffee, sir?"


The Reason They Export Molson Is Because Canadians Are Too Smart To Drink That Bilge (2018/03/21 08:00)
I was going to say something about Jordan Peterson, but this article beat me to it.


We've Been Wrong All This Time Dept. (2009/02/24 05:10)
Folks, I have some terrible news. It's come to my attention that Zydrate does not, in fact, come in a little glass vial. It comes in a large, sterile plastic one-time use flechette. I'm doing my best to make sure...

Inexplicable Dept. (2009/01/21 02:15)
The Times has details about how an Aspen movie theater seems to have ended up with the distribution rights to the entire Ingmar Bergman film catalog -- although I imagine Svensk Filmindustri and Criterion and the BFI will have something...


Adventures In Air Travel Dept. (2008/08/15 11:54)
My friend Mike is finally back home, safe and sound, in Seattle where he belongs. Getting him there turned out to be an adventure and a half. On Tuesday, I took him to the airport (JFK) under the impression that...

Hatchet Job Dept. (2008/06/11 12:00)
Roger Ebert proved to us that you can take great pleasure in going to town on a bad movie, but I worry about people who make a habit of seeking out awfulness for its own sake. That said, this...

4/1 Dept. (2008/04/01 09:57)
Well, what did you expect? Rick Astley? Actually, I'd already Rickrolled several friends of mine elsewhere -- and was tied up with work in general, so I didn't really have the wherewithal to come up with any kind of April...

Ketchup Dept. (2008/03/06 02:20)
Busy week on this end, but time for some tomato sauce: A piece in today's Times about a variety of solar power that doesn't use photovoltaics, but instead heating a vessel to generate steam via a mirror array.  I've seen...

Boondoggled Dept. (2008/03/03 10:29)
In a blind test, which do you think sounds better: audiophile cable, or coat hangers?The answers may surprise you....


Pay Up Dept. (2007/12/26 01:17)
Here's a library in Queens that has an idea that will either have you applauding or recoiling: They refer library late fees to a collection agency. For bigger library systems that lend out things like musical scores and CDs, being...

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