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In the Realm of the Senses (2009/05/17 12:51)
Sex films are the bastard children of cinema because of their audience. Porn constitutes one of the biggest segments of the American video market, but the vast majority of porn is so bad it’s no wonder it rarely can be...


Battle Royale (2004/04/04 01:50)
When a number of Hollywood studios tried to license Battle Royale for distribution in the States, they were all rejected. Maybe it was for their own good: This is easily the most violent and disturbing “mainstream” movie made in any...


Irreversible (2003/08/08 11:08)
No mistake about it: Irreversible contains two of the most ghastly, stomach-souring moments I have ever seen in a serious theatrical film. The first is near the beginning (beginning?) where a clubgoer has his face smashed in with a fire...


Salò: or the 120 Days of Sodom (2002/03/06 09:41)
The sleep of reason breeds monsters.—Goya The quote has multiple interpretations. One, which seems the most likely and obvious, is that without reason mankind is damned to the netherworlds of irrationality and vice. The other and more incendiary interpretation is...

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