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57,000 Channels And Still Nothing On (2017/07/27 07:00)
On the "drawbacks to the all-access, all-free world".


Throw The Book At 'Em Dept. (2015/06/23 11:15)
Another NYC bookstore gone, another desert of the mind expands.


The Bookmakers, All 7 Billion Of Them Dept. (On "The Business of Literature", Pt. 1) (2013/03/29 10:00)
How to fix publishing? Fix publishers, readers, books, all of the above?

Busted Brain Trust Dept. (2013/02/14 10:00)
Why machine recommendations are by, and for, machines.


Small In Japan Dept. (2012/02/12 10:30)
Why Foreign Bestsellers Often Fail in Japan | Publishing PerspectivesAn interesting piece on the mechanics of publishing in that country. One of the oddities about bookstores there -- this I can confirm from my own experiences with Japanese bookstores here,...

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