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Do The Wrong Thing (2018/04/23 08:00)
What if someone Did Something Bad with a creation of yours?

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, But Sometimes They Just Turn Out To Be Cattle Rustlers (2018/01/20 05:00)
We need to have more nuanced ways of taking what matters for us from a given creator and from their works.

The Answer To Last Week's Puzzle (2018/01/08 05:00)
"Are we so desperate to solve our art?"


Artifact And Artifiction (2017/12/04 08:00)

Grindhouse Vs. Arthouse Vs. My House (2017/10/03 07:00)
On schlock being useful without the love of it becoming its own snobbism.

No Masters Here (2017/09/16 05:00)
There is no such thing as "mastery" of one's art, just improvement in whatever form is possible.

From Monstrosity To Tragedy (2017/08/09 07:00)
Art isn't profound just because it hurts.

Not The Bookish Type Dept. (2017/07/06 07:00)
I went looking for books in my personal library that are about the craft of writing. I could barely find any.

Pretty Things Dept. (2017/07/01 08:00)
Go make something beautiful and humane. Everything else is just commentary.

Artitude Dept. (2017/03/04 08:00)
"I cannot serve like a waiter, because that's not what this job is about."


Coltrane Vs. Vonnegut III Dept. (2016/11/17 08:00)
To exist is to be misunderstood.

Coltrane Vs. Vonnegut II Dept. (2016/11/16 05:00)
On why being your "true" self is not a matter of acting out things that you normally repress.

Coltrane Vs. Vonnegut Dept. (2016/11/15 08:00)
Two theories about the social utility of art,

Gimlet Eyes Dept. (2016/07/22 08:00)
Artists can be politically outspoken, but are not automatically astute for being so.

Push My Envelope Dept. (2016/05/24 06:00)
"Transgressive" isn't what it used to be. Maybe it never was.

Larger Than Fiction Dept. (2016/02/19 06:00)
On being Trumped.

Nightmares And Madmen Dept. (2016/02/06 03:00)
When you replace the "nightmare" with "insanity", what happens?

Stuporheroes Dept. (2016/01/02 01:00)
Age of Dulltron.


Hunting High And Low Dept. (2015/09/26 01:00)
Different art, different critical standards? Maybe not.

The Smartest Guys In The Medium Dept. (2015/09/10 10:00)
"...the doctrine that the genius must be in advance of his time is almost wholly false and vicious..."

Nothing Special Dept. (2015/08/10 09:00)
"When any image is possible, no image is all that impressive anymore."

Propagandart Dept. (2015/03/09 10:00)
All entertainment is art, whether or not we know it, and all art is propaganda. Therefore ...

In All Heaven And Earth, Only I Alone Reserve The Right To Offend Dept. (2015/02/22 10:00)
Why "I'm an artist" stopped being a defense for the indefensible.

Higher Standardization Dept. (2015/01/14 10:00)
Why creators ought to hold themselves to a higher standard in terms of what they feed their imaginations.

Freedom Of (Unheard) Speech Dept. (2015/01/13 01:00)
What's worse, indifference or censorship?

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