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Creator Knows Best Dept. (2013/01/14 10:00)
If we can't let artists make mistakes with their own work, then they won't be free to make happy discoveries either.


For The Girls (And The Boys, Too) Dept. (2012/11/16 12:45)
Let's see some live-action anime projects in the West that are shojo stories.

Big Eyes Small Market Dept. (2012/11/10 08:04)
Five issues facing live-action adaptations of anime, dissected.

Best Original Screenplay Dept. (2012/10/15 10:00)
Is SF better when written directly for the screen, instead of adapted from another source?

Big Damn Heroes Dept. (2012/02/16 12:05)
From authoritarian heroes to egalitarian ones.

So Little Time, So Much To Do Dept. (2012/01/27 11:52)
More choices in entertainment means more competition, all against all.

Pride Before A Fall Dept. (2012/01/08 12:08)
While grousing elsewhere about the Akira live-action adaptation -- which now mercifully seems to be off the table -- I used the term "insider's hubris". This was a phrase I coined a while back to describe the kind of disconnect...


Oh My Goddess! First End (Yumi Tohma) (2011/09/08 10:00)
Enjoyable if inessential light-novel side story for the Oh My Goddess! mythology -- written by one of the show's original voice actors, no less.


Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases (Nisioisin) (2010/12/21 11:49)
Nisioisin has a palindromic name, and a mind that also seems to double back on itself in one knotty convolution after another. He writes novels that have elements of mysteries, thrillers, surreal comedies and what Japanese sometimes call “erotic grotesque...

Big Wheel Keeps On Turnin' Dept. (2010/09/16 04:54)
So now I can finally answer the question: What in the name of $DEITY is this Really Cool Thing I Haven't Been Able To Talk About For So Long? ::ahem:: As of a few minutes ago, I was officially hired...

Satoshi Kon: On the Death of "the Illusionist" (2010/08/24 03:32)
It's hard not to react skeptically to word of the death of a man whose work you love and respect. When word began circulating that Satoshi Kon's death had been reported on Twitter by a colleague, there was shock and...

Papriktion Dept. (2010/08/14 11:04)
After having seen Inception, I'm now qualified to at least comment on the idea that Paprika (my review) was a better treatment of the same idea, or at least a more fanciful one. This is a little like saying an...

Bookish Dept. (2010/06/21 10:40)
First, a note about my revised convention schedule: Otakon (end of July) AnimeFest (beginning of September) NYAF (October) MangaNext (end of October) MangaNext is of course the sister convention to AnimeNext, and the more I hear about it the more...

Back Stabbers Redux Dept. (2010/06/09 12:00)
Here's an exercise for the reader. Take the word "horror" in the linked article and swap it for the word "anime" or "manga. nick_kaufmann: The Cult of Not Mattering: How Horror Fandom Is Its Own Worst EnemyHorror has its share...

Moving Pictures Dept. (2010/06/08 10:52)
On a whim: five manga, from my previous reviews and my own personal-faves shelf, that I think would make good candidates for animated productions.Kurohime. The first few volumes of this were rough going for me, and I confess I didn't...

Fan Disservice Dept. (2010/06/06 01:45)
Belinda (S1E1) posted her own mixed feelings about Queen's Blade, to which I replied, "It's the best-written bad show I've yet seen." That really does encapsulate so much of what's wrong with it: the storytelling (which is not bad at...

Queen's Blade (2010/06/03 09:16)
Queen’s Blade’s is an adventure story with the plot of a fighting game, the heart of an X-rated dating sim, and no brain to split between them. It comes straight out of the same chainmail-bikini school of post-feminist storytelling that...

News You Can Use Dept. (2010/06/01 07:24)
Bits and pieces from this week's AICN Anime, including a couple of shout-outs to yours truly (thank you, Mr. Green). Somerset, New Jersey's AnimeNext will host Kenji Kamiyama, director of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex and the to...

Creator Knows Best Dept. (2010/06/01 06:16)
Remember when I said I'd discuss the "Creator Doesn't Always Know Best" issue in another essay? This is that essay. And I'll start with the most blatant and obvious example that could ever be coined. George Lucas. (Put gold stars...

School Days and Roots Lessons Dept. (2010/05/28 04:24)
Here is something which sounds like an entry in a You Know You're Getting Old When list, so I might as well phrase it like that: You know you're getting old when the stuff you consider "classic" is just "old"...

FORMAT C: Dept. (2010/05/16 07:44)
I have been wrestling with a problem for a while now: what is the best way to review something that runs over a long period of time and appears in installments, like Berserk or Blade of the Immortal or ×××HOLiC...

Ponyo (2010/05/12 10:31)
Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo isn’t just a movie for children; it’s a little like one made by them as well. It doesn’t have the epic emotional scope of Nausicaä or even Spirited Away, but I’m not sure it’s supposed to. At...

Unkillable Dept. (2010/05/08 02:58)
I've updated the review for the animated version of Blade of the Immortal. It's beautiful to look at and highly watchable as drama, but strangely lacking the cutting black humor of the original manga. It's a case study in how...

Stormy Night (Arashi no yoru ni) (2010/04/26 07:16)
What a charming movie this is, and at the same time a deep and thoughtful one. Stormy Night adapts a children’s book from Japan into an animated film of remarkable intelligence and keen wit, in much the same way Kiki’s...

Live & Kicking Dept. (2010/03/27 11:50)
I've been grousing on and off about live-action anime productions for a while now, about how projects like Paprika are a good idea and projects like Bleach are not. Somewhere along the way I let fly with a statement to...

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