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You Did That For A Reason, Remember? (2017/08/26 07:00)
On rewriting: "No, no, I can't cut that, it's there for a REASON!"

The Long And Winding Checklist (2017/08/08 08:00)
On using (and abusing) the rewrite process's "things to do" list.

Map Vs. Territory (2017/08/02 08:00)
On finding my way through the second draft of a story.

Always Outnumbered, Always Overworked (2017/08/01 08:00)
Next up: revisions on my next novel, and rough plans for a future one.

Post First Draft Blues (And Greens) Dept. (2017/07/03 09:00)
Some more detailed thoughts on having finished Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned.

Finish Lines Are Just New Starting Guns Dept. (2017/07/03 01:00)
I finished Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned draft 1 last evening....

Unfinished Business Dept. (2017/06/29 07:00)
Stories abandoned and as yet unwritten have much in common.

Unclog The Backlog Dept. (2017/06/19 07:00)
News on current and future books of mine.

It Takes A Worried Man Dept. (2017/06/03 08:00)
On taming my inner fussbudget.

What E Say? Dept. (2017/05/29 08:00)
On my first attempt at writing a character of nonbinary gender.

Authorial Time Dilation Dept. (2017/05/22 08:00)
The closer I get to the end of my new novel, the slower it is to write.

Do You Mind? Dept. (2017/04/19 08:00)
On the idea that we can use technology to amplify human intelligence.

Say Yes To Me Dept. (2017/04/07 08:00)
On the urge to find validation for one's work.

As Of Late Dept. (2017/03/16 08:00)
Peek at my latest novel, and find out what's happening with my next one.

Alternativity Dept. (2017/01/23 08:00)
Every picture tells (me) a story.

The Firstest Or The Bestest Dept. (2017/01/17 08:00)
It doesn't matter who does something first. It matters who does something best. Or who does something most theirs.

Lipstick Traces Dept. (2017/01/16 08:00)
'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' and its hidden influences.

Arguments With Myselves Dept. (2017/01/09 08:00)
How a static plot outline becomes a living thing by way of self-dialogue.


2016 And All That Dept. (2016/12/31 03:00)
One last wrapup.

Conversations (And Proversations) Dept. (2016/12/10 08:00)
With any story, it takes time to "get the conversation" about the story.

Hot Off The Presses Dept. (2016/12/03 08:00)
New books o' mine! And some old ones, too!

Half Outside The Comfort Zone Dept. (2016/11/22 08:00)
I've always chosen projects that lay at least half outside my comfort zone.

It'll Be Fun, They Said Dept. (2016/09/11 08:00)
How my latest book started as a lark, and turned into a mission.

Pushing Your Own Envelope Dept. (2016/08/28 08:00)
The hard things, and why they're worth doing.

Inspired By A True Story Dept. (2016/08/09 08:00)
On finding the real source of inspiration inside someone else's work.

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