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Book Reviews: No Longer Human Vol. #1 (Usamaru Furuya / Osamu Dazai)

A magnificent bleak manga adaptation of Japan's "Requiem for a Dream". Still timely and relevant -- and bleak.

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2011/10/18 19:08
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I am surrounded by psychotics. Often I suspect I am one. Then certain records come out and I know I am not alone. —Lester Bangs

I’ll start with the soundbite. No Longer Human may be the single finest manga adaptation yet produced of any Japanese literary work. It stays faithful to the original in the ways that matter, it breaks free and finds its own idiom in ways that pay off, and it remains one of the most devastating stories committed to paper in any language. It is nothing short of Japan’s Requiem for a Dream, manga-style, with all the emotional ferocity implied by such a comparison. I remember a record review (for the Firesign Theatre, I think) that read, simply, “Horrifying, death-dealing, life-enhancing.” Those words fit here as well.

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