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When Weighing In Got Outweighed

While cleaning up some other things on this site, I browsed some of my older movie reviews, like The Hurt Locker, and noted to myself how bad it is to do things out of cloudy motives.

My original enjoyment and appreciation of that movie waned fast, to the point where I was amazed I even bothered with it less than six months later. I had a similar about-face with the live-action Ghost In The Shell. I realize now a lot of what I wrote about movies, both then and even fairly recently, was less a way to appreciate something I actually cared about and more to have my name out there in the pool of people writing about movies on the web.

Once that pool became hopelessly full, and with people a whole hell of a lot smarter on the subject than dopey old me, I stopped caring about trying to "weigh in" on things, and focused more on the things I actually felt like I had something to say about. And even then I didn't always have "something to say." An opinion is not always justified by mere dint of being an opinion.

That's part of why I haven't done anything with the reviews sections on this site for some time. Most of that material moved to Ganriki, and my time-management issues mean I can only produce a couple of things a month for it anyway.

My heart isn't cleft in twain over all this. Fiction writing now takes the lion's share of my spare time and intellectual energy, which was probably for the best. Better to create new things, genuinely new things, as new as you can make them, than to spend time talking about what already exists, and talking about them in ways that can be had most anywhere else.

I don't say that as a dig at other people who review stuff; I say that as a way to sort out my own motives. Life's short, I don't know how much of it I have or what form I'll have it in, so it behooves me to do only the things I can do. Maybe someday that will include reviews once again, but don't hold your breath; you might burst a blood vessel.

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