Of Dark Days

From Josh Marshall:

... even if Trump is not reelected we will still have the very same people now helping to finalize Trump’s cover up either running the Senate or in sufficient numbers to block its action if they don’t get their way. We’ll have a judiciary that has been stacked over the last three years to perpetuate GOP political rule.

There’s no simple turning back the clock. Trump is much less the issue than the political environment in which he has thrived. He might be booted next year but the climate and bases of support that made him possible won’t have gone anywhere.

I know this all sounds like kind of a downer. It’s not meant that way. It’s simply to note that perseverance is one of our most necessary, basic, indeed essential tools.

A vital point and one worth repeating. None of this happened overnight; the suddenness of its onset is only because it was building for so long just out of sight. Overcoming it doesn't happen overnight either.

I think this is also worth mentioning in light of the way Trumpism is referred to as a cult, and one of the characteristics of cults is a charismatic, singular leader. (Charisma is subjective; what matters is that someone knows how to draw in others by some means.) Remove the leader and the cult falls to pieces. Fine, except that the pieces remain, and nothing prevents them from empowering another cult figure. Cultism, not cult leaders, is the problem, and it spreads wherever people are driven to dissatisfaction, whether real or imagined. And a mindset — nebulous, universal — is far more difficult to fight than an organization.

Václav Havel comes to mind as well, as he does often in these days:

...we never decided to become dissidents. We have been transformed into them, without quite knowing how, sometimes we have ended up in prison without precisely knowing how. We simply went ahead and did certain things that we felt we ought to do, and that seemed to us decent to do, nothing more nor less.

Maybe the one characteristic of a country is the tenor of those who are most willing to fight for it, whoever they may be and however they may do it, as opposed to those who are simply most willing to take it as it is. On a practical level, everything beyond that fades in importance.

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