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The other day I took stock of all the things friends and people whose tastes I trust have all advised me to watch or read. Some of it is things I should have picked up on my own by now, like The Man In The High Castle (given what a Phil K. Dick fan I am, but I never got around to it); some of it is left-of-center but has elements that are up my alley (The Good Place); some of it is stuff that's a long shot for me but I'm willing to try anyway (latter seasons of Black Mirror). I haven't managed to start with any of it.

Some of that is priorities. Some of that is personal discipline. My own personal list of things-to-[read|watch|listen-to] is so long and rangy at this point I fear to even try whittling it down. For each item I knock off the list, three more land on. And many things jump the queue into the top spot opportunistically. E.g., I never expected to come back from New York with Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders, but after stumbling across it on a bookstore shelf, here we are.

The blessing and curse of the moment is that we have more things, and more ways to consume those things, than we have actual time for. Some of that is a product of the verticalization of audiences, something Netflix made into a thing when it started showing us endless feeds of Quirky Comedies With A Female Lead after that one time we watched Sleepless In Seattle. (Actually, long before that, Japan was doing something analogous with light novels and manga and anime all pitched to specific sub-demographics, but that wasn't something most of us were privy to until fairly recently.)

One consequence of this: I've devoted myself mainly to things from days past that have survived the test of time. I hate that it seems like snobbery, when it's really more just about the fact that the new stuff is probably not going to go away anytime soon, while the older stuff often has to fight for its right to exist at all. Priorities. I could be wrong about that: a lot of stuff that was on streaming a year ago is gone-baby-gone now, and not showing up on disc either. But I have a hard time feeling as upset about that as some might.

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