No Place To Put It, Or No Time For it

The very early incarnations of my online presence, mainly this blog, consisted of me watching and reading stuff and writing reviews on it. Much of that material was not good. Over time I got better at it, although there's only so much of it worth keeping, and so I kept little of it.

Around 2015 or so, though — right around the time I changed jobs and moved cross-country — I fell almost completely off the wagon. Some of that was because I created a sanctum specifically for my Japan-themed discussions,, and once I did that I had little incentive to talk about anything outside of that context for my own sake.

Some of it was also that I felt obliged to be more focused in my use of time, to spend more of it writing the things that were entirely irreplaceable, mainly my fiction. I still come across things I'd like to write about in detail, and don't, if only because of the investment of time involved. But my creative work comes first, if only because there is literally no one else to do it.

I don't have a solution to any of this yet. Were I entirely self-sufficient (read: retired), it might be a different story. But eight hours of my day are sliced right out for the sake of my job, leaving me very little time out of that to do my own creative work.

Much of my creative life is guided less by a lack of ideas or inspiration than by the mere constraints of time management. My irreplaceable projects get that time first, with everything else taking a distant second. I've had to accept this as a corollary, an inevitable one, of having a day job: yes, I have the financial security that allows me to write what I want, but at the cost of only having so much time to do it.

Very few people have the kind of following, even of the "thousand true fans" variety, that make it possible to have absolute financial independence by way of their creative work. And I've accepted that the kind of work I do doesn't create that kind of cultish fandom. Either I'm only okay as far as these things go, or what I find interesting is not what a critical mass of other people find interesting. So I compromise as best I can.

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