You Figure It Out

This is what I dreamed last night. (Warning, mildly un-worksafe.)

I was on a plane, and they were pushing the drink cart up the middle of the aisle, and they were asking everyone: "Fish shit or coffee?" I was baffled, at first I didn't understand what they were saying. "Fish shit or coffee?" I repeated back to them, just to be sure. Yes, fish shit or coffee; those were my two choices. "Uh, coffee," I said.

I took my coffee. The guy next to me nudged me and said, "You know what the secret is, though. There's fish shit in the coffee. They're the same thing."

I spat out everything in my mouth on the back of the head of the guy in front of me.

I woke up laughing so hard I could not get back to sleep.

Tags: comedy gold  dreams 

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