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A minor thought, but one that amused me all the same: Why are all academies for superheroes, budding wizards, etc. (although mainly wizards, it seems) based off the British boarding-school model? Why can't we have them in the manner of, say, a Montessori school, or the New School For Social Research (for the older students), or A.S. Neill's Summerhill (for the much younger ones)? The closest thing I can think of that works in this vein is Professor X's school, but even there the details are hazy.

Come to think of it, maybe my real question is: Why not have a story about the actual education of these folks, instead of just whatever overheated megaplot the author can cook up? Why not a story about the actual difficulties involved in creating a curriculum for such students? I'm sure someone has already beaten me to it, but a man does wonder.

Tags: Harry Potter  fantasy  superheroes 

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