Catching My Eye (2018-12-10 Edition)

A while back I used to post more often about books, movies, albums, etc. that were worth looking out for. I fell out of the habit, but it occurs to me now this stuff is still worth raising a signal about, so I'm going to try and do it more often.

  • Turkish poet Orhan Veli — a favorite of mine — has long been underserved in English. Two previous translations of his work are out of print; one of them has been republished on the Internet with the permission of the translator, but I'm not terribly fond of the translation. Apparently an all-new translation of his work dropped in 2016 when my back was turned, so I've got that on order and plan to say something about it once it shows up.
  • Criterion will be releasing Blu-ray Disc editions of Berlin Alexanderplatz, To Sleep With Anger (a truly strange and underappreciated piece of black cinema, on a par with oddities like Ganja & Hess and Chameleon Street), and David Byrne's True Stories. The latter was something my family and I popped into the theater to see on a whim, and we all came away delighted.
  • Speaking of Berlin Alexanderplatz: If you haven't yet read the new translation of the original novel from NYRB, you're missing out.
  • Willem Dafoe Dept: An Aussie video label has offered a Blu-ray edition of Paul Schrader's Light Sleeper, a favorite film of mine that has never been given a decent home video release.

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