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I Owe You Some News

A short briefing on happenings at Chez Genji:

I'm currently in the middle of reading and providing feedback on a book by my friend Steven Savage (more on that from him when it drops, I'll link you here), and then I have to take his feedback for my book and make a finished product out of it. The timeframe on all that has slipped somewhat, but I hope to have my book out by July/August at the latest.

Between then and now I'm planning to provide a few scene-setter posts for the new book — nothing too spoileriffic, just some notes on the setting and people.

Progress on the next project is temporarily stalled, for reasons I'll be planning to discuss in a separate post when I can find the words.

I'll also be jugging some real-life stuff through May and June, so that may slow down my participation with you fine folks during that time.

More when the clock strikes twenty-five.

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