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I mentioned I wouldn't be saying much until January of 2018 at the latest. Well, here we are; about time I piped back up.

First off: Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned is getting close to being fully baked. Most of what is left is mechanical edits for continuity, grammar, etc.; all of the big story decisions have been made, and are now set in stone. Odds are you should be seeing a promotional banner for the project show up on its official page before long.

Next, the paper edition of Welcome To The Fold. It's coming, honest. I kept getting delayed by all manner of things, but at some point late in January I'm going to take a couple of days and push that out. The reasons for the delays are a mix of real life demands and some absolutely stupid production mistakes on my part, but the good news is that those mistakes mean I should be able to put future books into production all the faster!

I've also been cadging notes for the next story into shape. The original title, a holdover from when it was derived from a much earlier project, was The Fall Of The Hammer. Enough has changed that said title no longer works the way it did before, I think, but I'm leaving it in place for now while nosing around for a new one. This project is like paella: every time I cut another slice from it, I get something different. Great for variety, but bad for planning.

Also, I have a bunch of other projects not related to writing waiting in the wings, too, but I'm trying to not let them take precedence. My curiosity about life is omnivorous, but trouble-making. Sometimes, a few too many times, it means I'm throwing myself in twelve directions at once, when only one will do. I hope 2018 lets me aspire to better things, however I choose to do it.

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