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Always Outnumbered, Always Overworked

Now that I've vacuumed most of the sawdust off the floor of the new iteration of this site, it's time to turn to discussing the other work pending and the new work as-yet-begun.

First up is the easy stuff. My next novel, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, will be heading into the edit cycle now that the first draft is finished. The plan is to have the whole thing baked and out of the oven by the beginning of next year or so, but it could slip depending on how severe the revisions wind up being.

In conversation with friends earlier today, I noted how a lot of the really major changes I've been tempted to make to stories usually involved the enhancement or clarification of a given theme — but often only to a degree that I'd be able to appreciate. Most people would never notice anything was missing, let alone enhanced. Faced with the prospect of doing that much work for so little payoff, I usually fall back to the original plan of just touching up what most urgently needs it, bringing the whole work into alignment with the best aspects of its own plan, learning what I can from the whole thing for the next time around, and kissing the rest up to god.

AONO has a few places that could be like this. I need to go back and look at them in detail, but my guess is I've overestimated the amount of work I would need to do with them. Most likely it's just a touch here, a touch there, cutting a couple of things and reinstating others. Not major surgery where the left arm below the elbow is used to replace the right leg below the knee.

Next up is, well, what's next after AONO. I already have a candidate project on deck, tentatively titled The Fall Of The Hammer. No, it's not about a certain rapper's loss of grace (actually, from all I hear, Mr. Stanley Kirk Burrell is doing just fine thank you). It's actually a resurrection of the workable odds and sods from a dead project, combined with some newer material and a new outlook on all of the above. I don't have anything concrete I can share about it just yet; I'll be talking about AONO first long before that.

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