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Neither here nor there, but here's one of my long-time pet ownership tricks that's worth sharing: how to pill a cat without the use of eyedroppers, blowguns (for shooting the pill into the back of the throat), Pill Pockets (often ignored once they realize what's inside it, etc.).

  1. Secure the cat if s/he is the frisky sort.
  2. Take two spoons — I prefer a teaspoon and a tablespoon, since the bowl of one fits comfortably inside the other.
  3. Place the pill in one of the spoons. Press the back of the other spoon into the bowl of the first one, so the pill is crushed between them. Use the edge of the second spoon to chop up the results if needed.
  4. Wet your finger briefly underneath a running faucet.
  5. Run your moistened finger around the inside of the spoon with the pill powder to create a wet paste. The paste should cling to the finger. If it's too runny, you used too much water.
  6. Rub the resulting paste against the inside of the corner of the cat's mouth. They should lick it down almost immediately.
  7. Open a beer to celebrate.

The key with this trick is to only moisten your finger just enough to make the powder into a paste. Eventually you get the hang of how much to wet your finger, but be prepared the first couple of times to end up with something closer to either soup or grout.

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