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One of the lines that gets tossed around about Donald Trump goes something like, "If this person were a fictional character, no one would ever believe in them" or "If this real-life event were a novel, it would be dismissed as implausible".

I think this only says that we haven't begun to explore just how refined and perceptive a good piece of fiction can be. Imagine a novel (or a movie, or a stage play) about an outsized real-life character like Trump. Imagine it embracing all of his maddening and galling contradictions; imagine it actually making sense — emotional sense, human sense — of such a figure. Not glorifying him or justifying him, but seeing him, understanding him, dissecting him without merely sneering or laughing him off.

Still, two things come to mind:

1) We'll probably have to wait a few years before we can do that, and

2) there's far more interesting people who deserve the attention in the short run.

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