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The Crowding-Out Effect of Gargantuan Movies - The New York Times

For years, Hollywood has pursued event-style movies intended to play to everyone — old and young, male and female, domestic and foreign. (“Old” is defined by the studios as anyone over the age of 35.) But some of these offerings have grown so colossal that other movies, even very expensive and heavily marketed ones that receive decent reviews, are having a hard time getting noticed.

Emphasis mine. On the other hand, Universal has been making a case for the mid-budget film on a level that hasn't been seen in some time: Straight Outta Compton has set various box-office records, and most of their hits apart from Furious 7 were mid-market, mid-budget creations developed in-house and not adapted from other material (e.g., a comic franchise). So perhaps the top end will end up becoming a victim of its own success, and the concept of the "event film" as something other than a special-effects-centric action vehicle can come back into the public consciousness a bit? One can hope.

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