Breaking The Roaring Silence Dept.

I spent all of last week, with some days on both sides, traveling for both work and vacation, and deliberately avoided plugging myself back into the World Digital Brain Grid for the duration of the runaround. This included blogging, but I'm back now, so you can expect regularly scheduled service to resume right about ... now.

The more time I spend self-consciously away from things like Twitter and Facebook, the more manifestly trivial they seem. This isn't to say that the people who use those things are trivial — nobody's trivial — but that a lot of the way those things get used only enhances life in an illusory way. I suspect in a day or two I'll wander back and pick up where I left off, but it really was better to spend a good solid block of time in my life not compulsively trying to figure out how everything passing in front of my senses would make good "material" of some kind.

Part of my time was also taken up with AnimeFest, but without a table. I mentioned before how selling my works at conventions seems like an inherently self-limiting way to do things; it's been fun as a lark, but now it's time to get that much more serious about what I've been doing. Being there this year only confirmed it all the more for me: the more time I spend behind a table, the less time I have to actually produce the things, let alone market them to an audience that consists of more than whoever happens to be passing in front of me that day at the show.

The next year or so ought to be interesting in terms of strategy. Stay tuned.

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