Gleeful Disdain Dept.

No, I wasn't chastised by anyone about the post that went up earlier today, which I have since looked back on and shaken my head over. I added that note about my tone being out of line entirely on my own, because at one point today I peeked at it, and asked myself, "Who is that raging monster behind the keyboard?" That raging monster was the guy in the mirror. Surprise, surprise.

There are days when I succumb to the temptation to say something really juicy and angry about a subject I feel passionately about. That was one of them, and now I regret it. The exact issue in question in such a case scarcely matters; what's important is uncorking that feeling of gleeful disdain, of being able to zing the (alleged) suckers the way they (allegedly) deserve to be zinged.

Jeet Heer is not the enemy, just a guy whose opinion I happen to disagree with. But yes, I could have been a good deal less snide about the way I went about expressing that disagreement. It would have done my argument no disservice — in fact, if anything, it would have helped it. Petty retaliation is not the tone you want to bring to the talk at any table. So ... all apologies to Mr. Heer for the anger.

Tags: blogging self-criticism

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