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Otakon kept me busy for the past week or so — see here for more on that score; it was the fun kind of busy — so not much blogging taking place. Some catch-up, then:

  • MeTal, my "WordPress killer" / "Movable Type slayer" blogging system, is now running provisionally on the same server you are reading this. It isn't being used for live production, just testing, but that by itself is a milestone. I was able to load it onto a completely different system, boot it up, and use it to publish a blog. There's still a huge amount of refinement left until it becomes a product someone else can use, but it is no longer a lab toy. Yeah!
  • Outline for next novel, Palace of the Red Desert, is getting glanced at by a couple of different people. A potentially risky move, but an experimental one. I normally don't solicit feedback this early in the production process for any novel, but I wanted to roll the bones this time and see if early feedback would be of any use. Nothing says you have to accept someone else's advice, but it's tempting to choke it down when it sounds better than anything you came up with yourself.
  • Over at Ganriki, we passed not one but two Patreon funding milestones for the site. The whole thing has been rather sudden, but in a heartening way. (Looks like Kill la Kill will be the show reviewed as a reward for the current influx of patronage.)
  • One nice thing about having to travel intermittently for work is how much reading you end up getting done thanks to enforced downtime without connectivity. So, stuff I've been reading lately: Mumbo Jumbo, Cotton Comes to Harlem, the Prophecy manga (look for more about that at Ganriki soon), Hard to Be a God (got the movie in as well), Satoshi Kon's Dream Fossil collection. I also tried reading ZeroZeroZero, the latest from Roberto (Gomorrah) Saviano, but it's horribly self-indulgent stuff, the sort of New Journalism that makes you long for the Bad Old kind. Gomorrah worked because it was at least as much about Saviano's quest as anything else, but Zero³ just feels like it's about Saviano and how dash clever he is on paper.

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