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Not something I agree with in toto, but some good points:

Ani DiFranco is bumming me out. | making edible playdough is hegemonic.

As a feminist gets older, if she’s paying attention, she starts to see that the world is a little more complicated than she thought, and that a lot of different types of prejudice and oppression are acting on people all at the same time, and sexism and racism and classism and ableism and heterosexism and other forms of oppression are all wrapped up together. As a feminist gets older, she starts to see that the way a man treats a woman is just a symptom of a larger illness: Institutional disease. Our institutions–culture, education, government, religion–are all wrapped up in perpetuating oppression as a means of keeping themselves afloat. It’s baked right in to everything we do, every interaction, every transaction.

... A feminist who wants change needs to be critical of government and the law, needs to see the complexities of social action wielded for the public good. A feminist needs to be critical of feminism. She needs to be critical of herself. A feminist needs to change, in other words. She needs to get more complex and use that complexity to treat the world she’s fighting through as more complex as well.

It should not be difficult to see how this introspection applies to more than just feminism. There's no line of thinking that's going to not ossify unless you keep subjecting it to the heat and light of introspection's sun.

The part everyone gets tripped up on, I think, is that they think because this is something they do to themselves, this is also something they should do to everyone else. Sure, you can encourage others to be a little more skeptical of their own certainties, but you can't enforce skepticism by way of haranguing or berating others. Even the people ostensibly on your side are going to find that annoying before long.

The most you can do is create an environment where people are encouraged to put out in public their own doubts about themselves and their thinking — where they can be skeptical with others about themselves and not feel like they're being wishy-washy or self-crippling (or be ostracized for whatever other reason) as a result.

Every system exists to perpetuate itself as a dead thing instead of as a living process, and about the only thing on the face of the earth you have a chance of ensuring doesn't turn into such a thing is you. Not to say that everything else can go hang, but that you shouldn't kid yourself about where you can get the most real and immediate results for such work.

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