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... when is the charge of hypocrisy relevant? Basically, only when a public figure is preaching about individual behavior, and perhaps holding himself or herself up as a role model. So yes, it’s fair to go after someone who preaches morality but turns out to be a crook or a sexual predator. But articles alleging that someone’s personal choices are somehow hypocritical given their policy positions are almost always off point.

Charges of hypocrisy get thrown around as freely as they do, I think, because we always like to project the impression of being on higher moral ground than the other guy(s). Hypocrisy is one of the few charges you can assign to a person that vilifies them in just about all eyes; after all, the least any of us can ask for of our neighbor is that he at least be consistent. And if he can't even be that ...

Where this stuff runs amok is when, as Krugman noted, it becomes a way to beat up the wrong people for the wrong reasons. It was fashionable to beat up Al Gore for flying a jet, although I have yet to see any serious debates about how practical it would be for him to travel to his lectures by rowboat. The idea that "Al Gore flies, therefore global warming is a hoax / overblown" is as kindergarten an argument as you're going to get, but hey, for some people, all that matters is looking to your cronies like you've scored a point, right?

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