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Not much time to blog lately — impending family stuff, work, re-jiggering some project priorities, etc. The one big thing I keep meaning to bring up is the debacle of the Hugos, but Tim Hall has beaten me to it and done a far better job of running down just what has been so repulsive about this whole mess. What bugs me most about all this is how the hijackers (on both sides, mind you) can claim victory of a kind no matter what happens.

I hate quietism as a political stance, but I know full well I am not immune to it, and the only coherent and sustained response I have produced to all this is to turn my back to it. I've got no taste or patience for clubs or organizations — I suspect I'm a Groucho Marxist in that respect — and so seeing this kind of mid-flinging and turf-stomping only convinces me all the more it's not worth the trouble. I just want to write my books and get them out to the people that care about them, and not have to worry about the prospect of involving myself with the inanities one faction versus another faction.

I also know all too well that kind of thinking is exactly what enables any of the people involved in this mess to claim victory.

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