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For some time now I've been investigating migration options for my various blogs and sites — as in, out of Movable Type. WordPress seems like the likely choice, but my biggest objection to WordPress is that it doesn't do static sites by default, and it doesn't make sense for a blog to be a dynamically generated asset.

Now, there's various plugins which can produce something akin to a static blog, and after some experimentation with them I think I have a reasonably stable end result. But I still have to think about a whole host of other issues:

  • Much of the content generation involves transforming data — e.g., rewriting links that point to Amazon products, etc. I'd have to craft solutions for all this.
  • The templates themselves would all have to be rewritten from scratch, using WordPress's theming technology.
  • I'd have to get up to speed on PHP, something I have (deliberately?) neglected for some time.

Other possibilities include a blog engine called Nikolai, written in Python, but which has no real GUI and which, again, poses many of the same issues as the above.

In theory I don't have to go anywhere for a good long time. Movable Type's open source edition is not time-bombed or anything, although it is officially no longer supported, and much of the plugin development and all of the feature development is now concentrating on version 6 — the for-pay version that is far too dear for my own blood. Sorry, I'm not shelling out $599 for a five-user license, four users of which will never be put to use in the first place.

Nobody seems interested in forking MTOS and continuing work on that, since it seems easier to just migrate to an existing solution with a strong body of support and development around it, and that solution is typically WordPress.

Ghost? Still a work-in-progress, last I checked, and the bias of the system towards Markdown (which I loathe) and away from WYSIWYG editors doesn't thrill me much.

Faced with all this, I'm not at all surprised some people just give up and use Tumblr, or Facebook, or one of any number of other hosted solutions. But I'm a stubborn kind of fella, got my mind made up — if only about the fact that I'm not going to take years of work and dump it into a platform I don't own. I am not that foolish.

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